If you experience anxiety or fear when visiting the dentist, don’t worry. You are not alone. At Landry Family and Orthodontic Dentistry, we are dedicated to helping you manage your discomfort so that you can receive the treatments you need without fear. When you visit our office, our friendly Dentist and team will work with you to help you manage your dental anxiety and relieve your fears. We encourage you to speak with us if you fear nervous or worried about your appointment so that we can help you find a solution.

Dental anxiety and fear may manifest in a number of ways, from mild worry and stress to extreme and almost crippling fear. There area few things that you can try to help manage your dental anxiety and fear:

  • Speak with our team. If we know that you are anxious or afraid, we can take steps to help you feel more comfortable, and we can keep an eye out for any signs that you are feeling overwhelmed. If we don’t know there is a problem, we will be less able to provide the help you need.
  • Try using calming techniques. This could be as simple as controlled breathing or finding something in the room to distract you.
  • Bring music to listen to during your treatment. Music will block out the noises of the dental office and give you something else to focus on.
  • Take breaks. Agree on a signal with our Dentist before treatment. When you feel overwhelmed, simply signal us to stop. We can continue your treatment after you’ve had a minute to calm down and recover.
  • Ask about alternative treatment options. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may be able to provide the same results with a different treatment method. We will be happy to discuss all treatment options with you.

If you have questions about dental anxiety management in Lepanto, AR, and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Cynthia A. Landry, please call our office at +1 870-475-2573. We are here to help you!



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