When you visit Landry Family and Orthodontic Dentistry for your routine dental checkups, our Dentist and team may recommend a dental sealant to provide additional protection for your smile. Dental sealants coat the chewing surfaces of your back teeth to block out food debris and harmful bacteria, which in turn helps prevent cavities from developing in the more difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth.

Dental sealants are typically made of a clear or tooth-colored material, which our Dentist paints onto the surface of the tooth. The sealant then forms a smooth surface over the pits and grooves of the tooth to protect it. This has the added bonus of making it easier to effectively brush your teeth. Dental sealants can be applied in just a few minutes as part of your regular appointments.

Dr. Cynthia A. Landry typically recommends sealants for children. Sealants are generally applied to the permanent molars as soon as they come in (between the ages of 6 and 12). However, she may recommend a dental sealant for an adult of their teeth are prone to tooth decay or have experienced significant decay in the past.

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