Did you know, orthodontic braces come in various styles? In fact, thanks to medical advances in the orthodontic field, braces have never been more popular than they are now. If you are interested in orthodontic treatments, then you have come to the right place!

Orthodontic treatment aligns your teeth into healthy alignment. That is why, our orthodontist, Dr. Cynthia A. Landry in Lepanto, AR, is here to explain the different types of braces so that you can find an orthodontic treatment right for you.

-Ceramic braces: Ceramic braces are a refreshing style of orthodontic braces. These braces are made of ceramic materials rather than metal, which means they can blend in and match with your teeth making them harder to see. Furthermore, they can come in various colors for teens who love colors and unique styles for fun.

-Clear Aligners:  the ClearCorrect™ system is a network of clear aligners made of plastic-like materials that can snap on your teeth quickly. There is no food or drink restrictions because they come on and off while you eat. These are also the most discreet choice when it comes to refining the alignment of your teeth.

-Traditional braces: Metal wires and rubber bands make these braces easy to notice and recognize. They work by using the materials to line up your teeth into place. Traditional braces are known to be reliable despite their awkward appearance.

If you are interested in learning more about orthodontic treatments and how they can help you, please contact our Landry Family and Orthodontic Dentistry office and talk to a friendly member of our team. You can reach us at +1 870-475-2573 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping you.