As your child grows their 32 permanent teeth gradually replace the 20 primary teeth that served them in early childhood. Throughout the process, it isn’t uncommon for two or more permanent teeth to emerge tightly spaced. In some of these instances, the lack of room in the area can cause the teeth to deviate from their intended alignment with their partners in your child’s bite pattern.

Left unaddressed a pronounced overcrowding issue can increase your child’s chances of suffering a chipped or fractured tooth. Once a tooth has been damaged they could be at further risk of suffering a severe cavity.

If your child has an overcrowding or other alignment issues with their teeth, you should consider setting up an appointment with a Dentist like Dr. Cynthia A. Landry. In many of these cases she can correct the problem by installing traditional braces in their mouth.

Once the brackets, wires and other components have been installed in their mouth, your child will need to return to Landry Family and Orthodontic Dentistry for regularly schedule adjustments. Each of these appointments will apply modest tension to the braces hardware to adapt the periodontal connective tissues that hold their teeth in place.

After their teeth have achieved their ideal alignment our Dentist can remove the braces and your child will need to use a retainer. The duration of this retention period can vary. Most patients need to use a retainer for around the same amount of time it took to correct the position of their teeth.

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